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You may remember from a couple of our earlier updates that we have taken a bit of an interest in some competitions over the last few months Well we thought a quick update was in order in regards to the Bacardi Legacy competition and the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup.


Firstly the 42 below comp, which is firmly under way as the UK teams are getting serious about creating a buzz around their drinks. In fact it is getting so competitive that team west London have had to resort to extreme tactics to show their dedication to the competition… check out this video clip of Danny from LAB getting a 42 below logo tattoo!… now that is some serious dedication to the cause!


Now on to the Bacardi Legacy competition which you may remember from our update has been running for the past 12 months, Well it has finally come to an end…. which of course means it has also started all over again! Last night at a typically grand event hosted by the iconic rum brand and attended by many of the great and the good of our UK drinks industry, the 7 shortlisted bartenders for the 2010/11 comp competed to win a final 3 spot in the competition. By making it down to the final three these bartenders are committing to spending the next 12 months promoting their drinks in order to create a ‘modern classic’. 


To my mind this is one of the most prestigious competitions there is as it is not just about coming up with a good drink and making it once in front of judges. This competition takes determination and commitment to win and we look forward to seeing what this years final 3 do to promote their drinks. The three bartenders battling it out for the next year are Scott Tyrer from Bibis in Leeds, Matthew Dakers from The Hoxton Pony and we are especially pleased to say Erik Lorincz from The Connaught bar. We wish all 3 luck in the coming months!


Now of course the competition for the past 12 months was also resolved last night, and in a stunning setting on the grand stage, Peter Dorelli was on hand to present the prize to the winner. We are delighted that this years champion was Ago Perrone of The Connaught bar, who’s magnificent Mulata Daisy is one of the finest drinks we have tasted… ever…. and we have tasted quite a few! 


It wasn’t just the great drink that won Ago the top honours last night, it was also his passion in promoting his drink, his dedication to the competition and his joy in presenting his drink and sharing it with customers at his bar. Of course the competition was stiff as all 3 competitors took the comp seriously but Ago went above and beyond with his efforts to create a modern classic and he is a truly deserving champion.


Many congratulations Ago, we will be raising a Mulata Daisy in your honour tonight!


congratulations, Ago!!! will

congratulations, Ago!!! will be making a Mulata daisy in vancouver to night.

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