Santa Teresa

9 rums you should be drinking


Our previous update “9 things you should know about rum” proved to be surprisingly popular, in fact at one point the b&t website crashed because it couldn’t handle all the visits, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. So since the sun has continued to shine (up until today!) and I have rum on my mind, I thought I’d use this excuse to follow up with a look at some of the rums I’m particularly enjoying at the moment and maybe even throw in a few rum cocktails while I’m at it. Well it gives me an excuse to spend the some time sipping cocktails as ‘research and development’ for this blog.

This post could easily be titled ’39 rums you should be drinking’ but that might be a little impractical honestly, after all, developing nine new cocktails kept me pretty busy. So if you don’t see your favourite rum below, that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I simply wanted to tell you about a few that I’m particularly enjoying at the moment. I’ve included a new cocktail recipe for each, as well as a few of my thoughts, which I hope will inspire you to grab a bottle of good rum, a few fresh ingredients, and a shaker.

Yo-ho-ho and a room full of rum!

I don't know about you but I love October. Yes I know it marks the end of summer and signals the departure of what little sunshine we get here in the UK, but with the leaves turning colour and the weather turning a touch colder it reminds me of the forgotten joys of Autumn drinks. In this case I am not talking about hot drinks (although start warming some ale and talk to me about a rum flip and I am all ears...) although they have their place, but I am thinking more about those flavours I associate with autumn: apples and spices, honey and ginger, rum, cognac and bourbon... you know the stuff, all warming and comforting!


October makes me think specifically about rum of course as London gets ready for Rum Fest. If you happen to be reading this blog from somewhere outside of the UK... well what are you waiting for? 2 days of rum in all its versatile glory should be a good enough excuse to book travel tickets! Yes a bar show for both consumers and trade, dedicated entirely to all things sugar cane... what could be better? Rum Fest is in its third year now and this year is shaping up to be its best yet. In fact if you are willing to bear with me and keep reading, we will be putting a couple of tickets up for grabs along with a bottle of rum to one lucky reader.