Henrik Hammer

what happens in Copenhagen stays in Copenhagen

It’s been another interesting week and frankly I am wiped out. You see I had a last minute invitation to go to Copenhagen for a tonic water tasting… yes you read that right… I went to Denmark to drink tonic water. But that’s a different story for another time. All I will say is that after a night trawling the bars in Copenhagen 13 glasses of tonic water were exactly what I wanted to see in the morning!
In my mind this update was going to cover quite a lot of what we’ve been up to lately, kind of a ‘what we’re drinking, where we’re drinking and who we’re drinking with’ type of thing. But actually there’s more than enough to write about after just 1 night in Copenhagen so I think I’ll just stick with that.

To be honest I had mixed thoughts about what to expect from Copenhagen, I have a couple of friends who tend bar over there and they tell me it has a great up-and-coming scene, but I hear that a lot and sometimes the skeptic in me wins out. So I caught the plane looking forward to seeing the city, but also perfectly prepared to order beers if the drinks weren’t up to expectations… As it turned out the only beer I drank was at lunchtime with my traditional Danish Christmas lunch.  

Day of the dead? more like month of the living-dead!

My God it's been a couple of busy weeks for us here at Bitters & Twisted HQ. We have been working closely with our web designers and they have done us proud so we are getting closer and closer to the launch of our full site. We have been to check out the Sipsmith distillery in London, then we went drinking tequila in Leeds, followed by Gin in London, not to mention making pineapple bitters as well as homemade syrups and we have been catching up with friends old and new. I am getting tired just thinking about how rushed off my feet I have been.


On the subject of Sipsmith I am not going to say too much as I am going to be including them in an upcoming blog about artesianal producers and small batch spirits. I will say this however, if you get a chance to try their gin, I can highly recommend it. Somehow it makes me think that this is how old fashioned gins might have been. Not overly rounded or soft, Sipsmith gin is full of character and flavour and is a lively gin that grabs you by the taste buds and takes you for a ride. Right, that's enough of that, before I get carried away and don't leave myself anything else to write about!


I was lucky enough to be asked to judge the 'Cazadores hunt' in Leeds last week, which for those of you who don't know is an ever evolving tequila event that Cazadores are starting to roll out. The idea is simple, get 20 - 30 top bartenders together in a city centre at lunchtime. Refresh them with loads of tequila and then set them a series of tasks to compete at in several bars. End it all with a cocktail comp (after 6 hours of drinking tequila this was the most rowdy comp I have ever seen!) and crown the winning team as winners of the Cazadores hunt... The experience actually got me looking at both tequila and brand run competitions in a whole new light, so much so that I am going to be dedicating a blog update to the subject very soon. Keep your eyes peeled or subscribe to our blog to be notified when it gets updated...