golden rum

9 things you should know about rum


Rum is such a huge and diverse category of spirits that you could spend a lifetime studying it and still have a lot to learn. I can’t think of another style of spirit that offers such a range of styles, flavours and products, well apart from whisk(e)y maybe, and even then I think rum has it trumped. So as the sun has just started shining here in the UK, and spring is on its way, I thought I’d take a moment to look at this wonderful family of spirits and share nine things I think everybody should know about rum.

I hope the thoughts below will inspire you to explore the amazing world of rum a little bit, and maybe find the styles of rum that you can enjoy the most. Even if you don't think you like rum, you should definitely open your mind to the possibility that there might just be a rum out there that's perfect for you. For me this will be an excuse to dig into the b&t back bar and sip a few old favourites and remind myself why I love rum so much. It seems that every year, with the first burst of spring sunshine the rum section of the b&t drinking room starts calling out to me. In fact I may have to pause here to shake myself a daiquiri before I continue writing.

Right, that’s better! On with the blog and my thoughts on rum…