Gentleman Jack

Maybe I don't know Jack!

A couple of week’s back I was invited to attend a dinner with Jack Daniel’s 7th master distiller, Jeff Arnett. It was one of those interesting invitations where I didn’t know whether to say yes or no; on one hand it’s always a great experience to meet a master distiller, on the other (if I’m honest), I’ve never been a huge fan of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Of course I ended up saying yes, if nothing else just to see if meeting the man behind the brand could change my thoughts on the product.
No one can question the popularity or success of Jack Daniel’s. It’s the number one selling American Whiskey; more cases will be sold in the UK this year than of all other American whiskies combined. The brand is certainly well known, to the point where you would struggle to find anyone who hasn’t heard of it. The ongoing advertising campaign around the brand is instantly recognisable and truly iconic, and of course anyone who’s worked in a bar knows that it’s one of the most frequently brand called products ever.