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Dark spirits are for life, not just for Christmas!


I read an interesting article the other day on the Los Angeles Times website, about how clear spirits are the trend in Southern California at the moment. The article talks about ‘light drinks for sunny days, meant to refresh’ and goes on to say that ‘clear spirits often get the job done better than the dark stuff’. While I totally agree with much of what the article says, especially about treating these clear spirits with a delicate touch to stop them from being overpowered by other ingredients, it also got me thinking about how we often unfairly compartmentalise spirits to be for a certain occasion or time of year. So below are a few thoughts I have about not forgetting ‘the dark stuff’ when it comes to summer drinking.

I should start by saying that I love white Rum, Gin, blanco Tequila, and am even slowly growing fonder of Vodka. But having said that I’m often drawn to the complexities of dark spirits as a base for cocktails as well as for sipping neat. When the sun is shining I’ll admit that a Daiquiri, Margarita or Caipirinha are great thirst quenchers, or that a refreshing Collins can be hard to beat. But likewise there are some pretty amazing dark spirit drinks that fulfil the same role for me. A Mai Tai, Mint Julep or even a Whiskey Sour are pretty remarkable summertime cocktails.

Congratulations to....

A few weeks back we blogged about the new spiced rum from our friends at Elements 8 and put a bottle of this delicious nectar up for grabs. All that we asked was for you to name our cocktail at the end of the blog… simple stuff!


The Spice of Life

There’s been a lot of talk about spiced rums over the past few months, what with Sailor Jerry making the strange decision to change their recipe and rumours of various other premium rum brands working on new spiced variants. It’s not a category that I’ve ever given a lot of thought to but suddenly it’s getting a lot of attention.
I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Elements 8’s new barrel infused spiced rum and managed to talk them into letting me have a bottle to play with at home, so now seems like the perfect time to take a look at both this new release and the spiced rum category as a whole. We’re also lucky enough to be in a position to send one lucky reader a bottle of Elements 8 spiced rum so be sure to read on for your chance to win!