Happy birthday Casita!

We spent Sunday evening at one of our favourite London bars, Casita, where we joined friends and locals who had come to celebrate its third birthday.   There was no big fanfare, no special DJ and no special cocktail list, and the night was all the better for it. 


If you’ve been to Casita in East London you’ll already know that the best night there is a typical Casita night:  one where you bump into old friends enjoying a Sagres, meet new people who’ve come for Casita’s Hispanic inspired list of classic and signature cocktails or catch up with bar industry colleagues and bartenders who love Casita’s warm welcome.

blue blazers, batidas and bartenders of the year?

It turns out that creating a huge database of drinks recipes and spirits is thirsty work, so we decided to reward ourselves for our recent efforts by wandering around East London and having a few drinks with friends.