9 rums you should be drinking


Our previous update “9 things you should know about rum” proved to be surprisingly popular, in fact at one point the b&t website crashed because it couldn’t handle all the visits, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. So since the sun has continued to shine (up until today!) and I have rum on my mind, I thought I’d use this excuse to follow up with a look at some of the rums I’m particularly enjoying at the moment and maybe even throw in a few rum cocktails while I’m at it. Well it gives me an excuse to spend the some time sipping cocktails as ‘research and development’ for this blog.

This post could easily be titled ’39 rums you should be drinking’ but that might be a little impractical honestly, after all, developing nine new cocktails kept me pretty busy. So if you don’t see your favourite rum below, that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I simply wanted to tell you about a few that I’m particularly enjoying at the moment. I’ve included a new cocktail recipe for each, as well as a few of my thoughts, which I hope will inspire you to grab a bottle of good rum, a few fresh ingredients, and a shaker.

Marching to the beat of a different RUM


I love it when the doorbell rings and there’s a booze related package waiting to be signed for. I especially love it when it’s a new product that I haven’t tasted before and know almost nothing about. There’s something wonderful about the anticipation of seeing a bottle for the first time and wonder if it will be a new favourite or simply a bottle that will be pushed to the back of the b&t drinks cabinet to gather dust.


So when a bottle of the new spiced product from Bacardi, ‘Oakheart’ arrived on my doorstep I was eager to see where it would fit in the b&t drinking room. And now that I’ve tried it?… I’m still not sure!


maybe it's about the winning AND the taking part

I’ve written about Copenhagen before and talked about the amazing cocktail scene that is developing there, so when the Copenhagen Cocktail Club said they were hosting a big competition and would I like to help judge it, I jumped at the chance. ‘The Battle of Scandinavia’ would see teams from Sweden and Denmark fight it out to be crowned the best bartenders in all of Scandinavia. My first impression was that this would be a pretty special event and I wasn’t disappointed!
If you follow us on facebook or twitter you’ll have picked up a few hints about what happened in Copenhagen; rickshaw racing through the city centre, a bartender in a blouse making 17th century drinks, a flamingo named Carlos, the son of God performing miracles and a man wearing a fez… oh and even some people making really good cocktails. Well this is just a glimpse into the fun side of what was a significant and challenging competition; you know that bartenders are taking things seriously when they turn down tequila shots for fear of ruining their palates!

and the winner is....

You may remember from a couple of our earlier updates that we have taken a bit of an interest in some competitions over the last few months Well we thought a quick update was in order in regards to the Bacardi Legacy competition and the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup.


Firstly the 42 below comp, which is firmly under way as the UK teams are getting serious about creating a buzz around their drinks. In fact it is getting so competitive that team west London have had to resort to extreme tactics to show their dedication to the competition… check out this video clip of Danny from LAB getting a 42 below logo tattoo!… now that is some serious dedication to the cause!


Now on to the Bacardi Legacy competition which you may remember from our update has been running for the past 12 months, Well it has finally come to an end…. which of course means it has also started all over again! Last night at a typically grand event hosted by the iconic rum brand and attended by many of the great and the good of our UK drinks industry, the 7 shortlisted bartenders for the 2010/11 comp competed to win a final 3 spot in the competition. By making it down to the final three these bartenders are committing to spending the next 12 months promoting their drinks in order to create a ‘modern classic’. 


What could be better than a classic cocktail?... Ago Perrone's Mulata Daisy maybe?

What could be better than a classic cocktail? We spent an evening at the aptly named Connaught Bar at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair having our drinks crafted for us by Ago Perrone and we left thinking there might just be something better than a classic… a modern classic.


If you appreciate great cocktails served in an elegant surrounding and you haven’t been to the Connaught yet, then you are missing out. This is one of our favourite bars ever and is definitely THE place to go if you want to sip beautifully crafted cocktails in modern elegant surroundings.


Whenever we pop into The Connaught to see Ago we have a pretty high expectation that we are going to get to sip some fantastic cocktails and be introduced to new flavours. What we weren’t prepared for on this occasion was to have our minds opened to the whole idea of a drink created in this day and age having what it takes to become a classic of the future.